And then there's cl.

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yes, yes…we know that already =o=

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YA Lit: The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

"I rested my forehead against the wall and closed my eyes. It wasn’t just my curiosity, or my fascination with anatomy, or how I could unhesitatingly chop a rabbit’s head off with an ax when a roomful of boys couldn’t. Those things were all symptoms of the same sickness—a kind of madness inherited from my father. It was a dangerous pull in my gut drawing me toward the dark possibilities of science, toward the thin line between life and death, toward the animal impulses hidden behind a corset and a smile."

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did you know you can use an orange peel as a mini flamethrower?


"Miss, do you really expect me to believe that you accidentally burned your house down with an orange peel?”

"Uh, it looked cool on the internet?"

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dominant kyungsoo

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