Being a person that has freshly lost a loved one, the news of Eunbi hits too close to home. I deeply sympathize with everyone that personally knew her and her driver. I had time to prepare for my loss; you didn’t. You must be in twice the amount of pain that I am in.

Morn for them, but also remember that your life doesn’t stop because theirs did.Take your time healing, become stronger, then get back up.

And for the band mates and stylist that are currently in the hospital, I wish you a hastily recovery.    


I think we can all agree that 2014 has been the worst of all years in the kpop fandom…

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even the name jung daehyun is starting to sound sexual

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name one group rn that can go toe to toe w/ debut shinee image

like present-day shinee only tbh

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That strong evolution (in CG effects)

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I swear to god the stuff Eunhae do in real life is more wild than in fan fictions

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And then there's cl.

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yes, yes…we know that already =o=

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