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"When you find something you love, you just gotta share it, ya know."- Lisa Mangum

I want to watch Gu Family Book but I’m afraid of Suzy’s acting.

somebody stop me. i’m looking for a new drama to watch and i don’t know why. i know i’m just going to get hurt so why am i looking?

i’m getting so sick of “oops i fell and ‘accidentally’ kiss you” scenes in k-dramas

Dad: They(Kim Eunoh and Arang) are brother and sister! I just know it.



OMG how can the adult actors look SO MUCH like the child actors???

Just just…

Best casting award goes to:

I thought it was just the end of the episode, not the series!

Well, now what do I do?

The show ‘I love Lee Tae Ri’ is just…on crack.

“kyung joon-ah, if you end up going back completely… i… would i be able to just send you away?”

Can somebody tell why the hell she’s running? The only thing I could think of while watching this was ‘Where the fuck is the pink bike she was on earlier?’ It would have gotten her to Kyung Joon faster.

This drama has so many holes in it. =_=;

Park ha: *Crying*
Yoochun: *Cryng*
Me: *Bawling*
Yoochun: *Disappears into thin air*
Me: Does that mean she's a widow now?