• People: Why do you listen to kpop if you can't understand what they are saying?
  • Me: Scat

"It doesn’t matter what language it’s in. Music isn’t about borders or race or colour. It’s about love."
Marisol Lewis (Degrassi, ep 1141: Smashed into you, part 2)

Back from grandma’s. Can anyone tell me what happen in the past week? I know that Miss A, Block B and Epik High came back but I want to know other things. Were there any scandals?

I’m turning into a puddle of mush because of LUNAFLY.

Did you know?

4 out of 5 boy bands don’t have a freaking umbrella.

This lack of umbrellas is a serious problem which can result in:

-ruined hairstyles

-smudged makeup

-and general wetness

This frustration and emotional turmoil which is caused by lack of umbrellas results in:

-violence towards innocent puddles

-uncontrollable slow motion dancing

-and worse…wet socks.

If you like to contribute to the ‘Get a Freaking Umbrella Already’ charity, you can send us money: 1-800-Give-Us-Yr-Munnies.

We’ll probably spend that money on an umbrella or maybe a nice poncho for Kpop artist, but we probably won’t.

We’ll probably just use that money for food.

The awkward moment when you find out Hangeng and Super Junior are pinned against each other in the EMAs…

Q:What happened to A-Peace?

A:They went to Japan.

The only exception to saying, “Oh look, exploding babyz!” without it sounding gruesome is when you’re referring to B.A.P fans.

Why is everything happening on August 15th???

Plot twist: Simon and Martina bought out SM Entertainment and are refusing to release SPY because they are tired of reviewing music videos with oddly lit rooms, 360 degree slow-motion cameras, and unblock-able ads.

Stop it Amber.

Three languages is enough. You don’t need to learn Japanese.

That was the best episode of EYK! I don’t think they will ever be able to top it.

Damn this 15 year old!

He just wants me to go to jail, doesn’t he?

Has he no mercy?

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